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History - Making the Difference for over 100 years

The NBT-Mang Insurance Agency has roots dating back to 1894 and a proud heritage of providing exemplary service to clients.  Take this brief tour of our history to learn more about us.

1894: Thomas C. Sprague, homesteader by trade and Westerner by nature, founded an agency dedicated to the service of others. His goal was simple - he promised to give clients the best protection for their needs. His sound business philosophy, his commitment to his customers, and his personal conduct earned him the respect of his clients. Sprague's agency of yesterday evolved into Mang Insurance Agency, LLC. For the next 114 years the agency grew throughout New York State broadening its reach, offering new and innovative insurance products and services, and continually servicing clients’ insurance protection needs.

2008: Mang became a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBT Bancorp Inc., headquartered in Norwich, NY. Since this attainment, Mang developed partnerships in new communities where the Mang name was not known. Rather than enter those communities as an unknown entity, we chose to capitalize on the name of our parent company, NBT Bancorp Inc., and their established ties to those communities under the name of NBT Insurance Agency.

2014: We changed our company name from Mang Insurance Agency, LLC to NBT Insurance Agency, LLC and to further unify our organization under a single insurance agency brand, we began doing business as NBT-Mang Insurance Agency.  This change gives us a single brand name to use across all geographic locations and lines of business that creates a connection to our parent company, NBT Bancorp Inc., and our business partners at NBT Bank. It also allows us to maintain a connection to our roots and the strong brand equity built using the Mang name for over 100 years. 

Throughout our agency's growth, one factor has remained constant. After over 100 years of service, we're still focused on our promise to offer the best products and to provide the superior service our clients deserve. We're proud of our history and of the values that a long tradition of service has instilled in our agency. We strive to understand the needs of those we serve and to make their financial interests our own. Our clients are the most important element of our success and we can only continue to succeed by maintaining the promise to serve our customers well.

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